Apple + Google Ultra-Granular IBB Industries

Total Apple Industries = 56; Total Google (Alphabet) Industries = 91

Top IBB Industries for Apple & Google

(30 of 130 industries displayed)



Phones / Smart Phones – Smartphone Manufacturing button_ibb_active
Advertising – Online Digital Advertising Services button_ibb_active
Search Engine Placement & Other Internet Promotional Services button_ibb_active
Marketing / Online Advertising & Sales Via the Internet Software button_ibb_active
Tablets / Basic Android Tablet Manufacturing button_ibb_active
Tablets / Apple iOS iPad Tablet Manufacturing button_ibb_active
Smartwatches / Smart Watch & Computerized Wristwatch Manufacturing
Cloud Computing API Cloud for API Publishing, Promoting & Monitoring button_ibb_active
Cloud Computing Big Data Warehouse Services button_ibb_active
Cloud Computing Database as a Services & Data Warehouse as a Service button_ibb_active
Cloud Computing Development Platform as a Service / PaaS button_ibb_active
Cloud Computing IM / Instant Messaging Services button_ibb_active
Cloud Computing Infrastructure As A Service / IaaS button_ibb_active
Cloud Computing Print Centralized Managed Cloud Printing Application Services button_ibb_active
Cloud Computing Storage & Cloud Storage As A Service button_ibb_active
Search Engines / Enterprise , Corporate Data Search & Website Search Solutions button_ibb_active
Web Browser Software button_ibb_active
Online Movie Streaming, Video Streaming & TV Streaming Services button_ibb_active
Internet – Music Downloads Subscription Services button_ibb_active
Internet Music / Digital Music Service & Personalized Music Listening button_ibb_active
Maps / Desktop & Mobile Web Mapping Service Application button_ibb_active
TV & Home Entertainment Media Center Operating Systems Software button_ibb_active
Payments / Mobile Payment Services, Virtual Wallet & Digital Wallets button_ibb_active
Home IoT Automation Management Systems button_ibb_active
Displays / Flat Display & Flat Panel Screen Monitors button_ibb_active
Displays / HDTV – High-Definition TV Monitors & Flat Panels button_ibb_active
Notebooks / Business Laptop & Business Notebook Computer Manufacturing button_ibb_active
PCs / All In One PCs & All-In-One PC Manufacturing button_ibb_active
PCs / PC Desktop Stand-Alone System Units button_ibb_active
Robots / Military All Weather All Terrain Robot Manufacturing button_ibb_active