Market Insights from Artificial Intelligence

A company's market or stock performance is the sum of its successes and failures in related marketplaces we call ecosystems. Our unique artificial intelligence converts thousands of weekly contextually relevant unstructured signals into market themes over time. Interesting themes are increasingly connected to other themes, companies, competitors and competitive market forces. These growing connections are often hidden without our Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is early discovery for strategic and investing advantage.

Theme Discovery & Tracking Examples


Nobody can guarantee the future. Nevertheless an advantage can be created by seeing what our AI sees - early discoveries of emerging and increasingly connected market themes.


THEME 093: Microsoft Has Upside Potential in Several Dynamic Ecosystems
Analysis: Theme 094 below certainly highlights Microsoft's stock performance. There remain other interesting themes that can further propel MSFT success.

Portfolio of Microsoft Related Themes Theme Status Eco- systems Analysis Real-Time Theme Radars & Tracking Reports
Cloud platforms continue to be a growth market Cloud Ecosystem Microsoft Azure continues to be a leading competitor against Amazon AWS GO TO MICROSOFT THEME IN CLOUD RADAR
Microsoft has been a successful competitor and leader of Cloud Platform services Cloud Ecosystem Microsoft stock is now running 9% ahead of SKYY Cloud ETF since the start of Theme 094 GO TO THEME #094 TRACKING REPORT
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is a growth opportunity in Cloud Computing Cloud Ecosystem IIOT market leadership is yet to be established GO TO IIOT THEME IN CLOUD RADAR
Augmented Reality is an ongoing opportunity for Microsoft Alternative Realities Microsoft has been a leader with HoloLens GO TO MICROSOFT THEME IN ALTERNATIVE REALITIES RADAR
Artificial intelligence is a strategic imperative for Microsoft AI Ecosystem Microsoft is keeping up its AI capabilities versus Google, Amazon and other tech companies GO TO MICROSOFT THEME IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RADAR
Autonomous car applications are an opportunity for Microsoft Robotics Ecosystem Autonomous cars (robo cars) are a central theme influencing all other robotic ecosystem themes GO TO TRANSPORTATION THEME IN ROBOTICS RADAR
Connected healthcare is an emerging opportunity for Microsoft Connected Healthcare Microsoft will compete with big tech competitors like Apple, Amazon and Google GO TO MICROSOFT THEME IN CONNECTED HEALTHCARE RADAR
Gaming is an ongoing opportunity for Microsoft Gaming Ecosystem In spite of growing competition, Microsoft has infrastructure and device advantages pending radar ecosystem
THEME 094: Microsoft Will Outperform General Cloud Indices


Analysis: Early theme discoveries were prescient about Microsoft's upside potential

THEME 304: Industrial Internet Platforms Will Outperform S&P 500


Analysis: Early theme discoveries have not yet proven themselves in stock prices. Time will tell if the Industrial Internet of Things becomes an exciting market opportunity.

THEME 097: Embedded Intelligence Plus Semiconductors Is an Investment Opportunity


Analysis: Early theme discoveries were prescient about CPU's + Artificial Intelligence. Theme certainly benefited from resolution of Qualcomm versus Apple disputes.


Our market focused artificial intelligence

Knowledge Graph

The IBB database organizes the world economy into 20,000 ultra-granular industries. Thousands of companies are mapped to unique lines of business. Theme potentials are revealed.

Event Content

Themes are the sum of countless market events that are connected with our artificial intelligence – even if not visible without AI assistance. Thousands of news, blogs and other unstructured inputs are some of the the raw inputs for our intelligent agent engines.

Artificial Intelligence

Our servers conduct billions of daily competitive relationship seeking calculations. Market event dots are connected over long periods to discover and track market themes. Our artificial intelligence highlights the interesting themes, suppressing the noise.

Analyst Supervision

Our analysts assist our AI with supervised machine learning. Most importantly, our analysts deliver strategic and tactical market intelligence to our clients – leveraging the powerful AI theme discovery network.

Theme Discoveries

Themes are early emerging and increasingly connected indications of market directions. Discovery Patterns enables investors and analysts to leverage artificial intelligence as a competitive advantage.

The Science, Engineering & Results of Our Artificial Intelligence


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Our Business Purpose

We are a sophisticated market intelligence company.  We create and maintain ecosystems of artificial intelligence agents that deliver continuous market theme discoveries and tracking.  Our AI brings our clients unique real-time insights while minimizing research costs.