Market Insights from Artificial Intelligence

Our big data analytics and artificial intelligence discover early market patterns (themes) for analysts, managers, business strategists and investors
Connect the dots among market events and market forces that are invisible without artificial intelligence assistance.
Project market strategies into the future. Create and track new investment plans.
IBB Industries

AI Discoveries

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Our market focused artificial intelligence

Competitive Context

The IBB database organizes the world economy into 19,200 ultra-granular industries. Thousands of companies are mapped to unique lines of business. Competitive relationships are revealed. Industry Building Blocks is the creator of this database.

Event Content

Themes are the sum of countless market events that are connected – even if not visible without AI assistance. Thousands of news, blogs and other unstructured inputs are some of the the raw inputs for our intelligent agent engines.

Artificial Intelligence

Our servers conduct billions of daily competitive relationship seeking calculations. Market event dots are connected over long periods to discover and track market themes. Our artificial intelligence agents highlight the interesting themes, discarding the noise.

Analyst Supervision

Our analysts assist our AI with supervised machine learning. They also validate changes to IBB database. Most importantly, our analysts deliver strategic and tactical market intelligence to our clients – leveraging the powerful AI theme discovery network.

Theme Discoveries

Themes are early indications of market directions. Discovery Patterns enables investors and analysts to leverage theme discovery artificial intelligence as a competitive advantage.

Investment Idea Discovery Example

Examples of Sophisticated Themes [market hypotheses]

Artificial intelligence makes first discoveries; analysts track with domain specific expertise.
Green – themes being validated; red – being refuted over past 90 days.

Reference Theme Radars

Animations of AI agent outputs.
Key themes win radar center over time.

  • Semiconductor sensors & devices are key drivers for all IOT innovations. button_ibb_active
  • Augmented reality is becoming a key perception gateway for IOT analytics. button_ibb_active


  • Network Security is a key competitive position for Cisco in cloud computing. button_ibb_active
  • Amazon is a top 3 cloud infrastructure competitor with its various AWS offerings. button_ibb_active
  • Introduction of Google devices like Pixel smartphone and Google Home assistant accentuates the importance of Google Cloud infrastructure. button_ibb_active
  • Microsoft with its Azure is a top 3 cloud infrastructure competitor. button_ibb_active

  • Electric Vehicles (EV’s) will be limited to urban shuttles until 2020. button_ibb_active
  • Diesel will be major alternative to gasoline based on its engine efficiencies. button_ibb_active
  • Voice commands will be required for next generation of robots. button_ibb_active
  • Drones are the leading manifestation of next generation robotics. button_ibb_active
  • Healthcare robotics, are gaining market critical mass button_ibb_active

The Science, Engineering & Results of Our Artificial Intelligence

Theme Mapping Demonstrations

by theme topic [robotics] and companies [Apple, Google and Kinova] Reveal the granular, contextual and dynamic natures of different themes and associated companies

We Map Companies to 19,200 Industry Classifications & Market Themes (examples)

(10 of 125)


(10 of 545)


(10 of 2,700)


(10 of 18,900)

Aerospace button_ibb_active Aircraft Jet Manufacturing Jets / Commercial Long-Haul Jet Manufacturing
Corporate Banking Investment Banking & Capital Markets Equity Underwriting Services Private Equity – Venture Capital Funding & Seed Capital Funding
Basic Chemicals Manufacturing Agricultural Films & Crop-Related Products Fungicide Manufacturing Fungicides / Fungicide Manufacturing
Commercial Construction & Engineering Commercial Construction Bridge & Tunnel Construction Bridge Construction
Garden Products, Tools & Robots Hand Tools, Power Tools & Consumer Robots Power Garden Tools Mowers / Lawn Riding Mowers Manufacturing
Lodging & Vacation Services Lodging & Lodging-Related Services Hotels & Resorts with Gambling Hotels & Resorts / Gambling Casino Hotels, Hotel Casinos & Casino Resorts button_ibb_active
Restaurants & Food Management Services Restaurants button_ibb_active Casual Full-Service Restaurants Casual Full Service Restaurants / Italian Food
Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Beer, Other Alcoholic & Alcoholic-Free Drinks,/td> Beer & Malt Liquors Manufacturing Beer / Ale Manufacturing & Lager Beer Manufacturing
Life Sciences Products Manufacturing Life Sciences Biotech Products & Equipment Molecular Diagnostics PCR / Real-Time PCR Equipment & qPCR Equipment Manufacturing
Personal & Commercial Insurance P&C Personal Insurance Personal Auto Insurance button_ibb_active Personal Auto / Standard Voluntary Car Insurance

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Our Business Purpose

We create and maintain public and private networks of artificial intelligence agents for market intelligence / theme discovery and tracking for our clients. These are yearly subscriptions that provide access to our several types of themes, including IBB classifications, briefings, smartphone apps, animated visualizations and personalized digital assistants. In many situations, our human analysts support weekly client briefings. Clients can gain immediate (same day) market insights, from our cloud based services without the need to recruit their own supporting analysts and data scientists.

We share AI outputs and theme discoveries