The Microbiome Revolution is Coming...

Do you see the emerging market themes and pivotal events?


Microbiome Market Insights from Artificial Intelligence

Discovery Patterns big data analytics and artificial intelligence discover early market themes (patterns).
4|inno Growth Entrepreneurs and Scientists assist in connecting the dots from the AI discovered themes.

Theme Discovery Radar

AI discovers hundreds of potential market themes among tens of thousands of market signals over many weeks and months. The Healthy Bacteria Theme Radar visualizes and animates these themes over time.

  • See early market themes evolve and dissipate over time.
  • Drill down into the actual event signals driving the themes.
  • A client resource as part of Microbiome Market Intelligence Briefings.
  • See public version of Theme Radar.

Intelligence Briefings

Once artificial intelligence has done its work, 4|inno Growth Entrepreneurs and Scientists curate key market events and theme insights. The goal is fast actionable intelligence.

  • Weekly briefings
  • Access to Healthy Bacteria Theme Radar
  • Curated key market events, start-up activities, new published research, product announcements, and societal demand signals
  • 4|inno insights
  • See example briefing excerpts at left
  • Typically 30 briefings articles per week