Microbiome of Built Environment Market Intelligence Briefing: Week of March=
4, 2018

Published Fri Mar 9 08:31 CST 2018


Microbiome innova=
tions continue to accelerate as societal wareness grows and new products st=
art to be introduced.

Societal Awareness Themes

Forbes Mar&nbsp=
; 4 12:45

However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agenc=
y (EPA) does provide a list of products that meets its Safer Choice require=
ments (assuming that such consumer protection services are not eventually d=
e-funded and eliminated). There are products out there that use more natura=
l and safer ingredients, …

references a European cohort study that shows stro=
ng correlations (not causation) between frequency of cleaning and the rate =
at which lung function deteriorates in women
by Keith Thornley

ABC Online /Australia/ Mar  6 04:00

Human trials are about to start to test a compou=
nd which looks like chocolate but acts like poison to fight antibiotic-resi=
stant bacteria.

NPR Mar &n=
bsp;6 19:15

The microbiome of your skin the bacteria that ca=
n help keep you healthy exists about five layers down from the surface. Nor=
ovirus particles sit on the surface of your skin and "don’t get into t=
he microbiome," he says. But they are potentially risky to your health=
when you touch your face as you do (on …

The Engineer Ma=
r  7 07:20

When damage occurs to the masonry, the deposits =
within the mineral are also damaged, exposing both the bacteria and the che=
micals, which react with each other again to produce even more mineral, thu=
s healing the damage. Self-healing materials are already being tested on a =
range of different …

this is just flipping cool. a healthy home heals i=
by Keith Thornley

New York Post M=
ar  7 09:00

For years, we’ve been advised to eat yogurt teem=
ing with good bacteria called probiotics for maximum health. But now, derma=
tologists and skin-care companies say that in addition to eating gut-friend=
ly foods like yogurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut and kombucha, we should also =
slather their beneficial …

Well+Good Mar&n=
bsp; 7 12:15

You may have heard this one: You can hack your b=
ody for peak wellness by making slight adjustments to your daily routine. I=
t can be as simple as changing up your coffee blend or your shower ritual (=
try soap-free!). But the next frontier in biohacking is all about getting t=
o intimately know your body. Yes …

Motherboard Mar=
  7 13:25

But as scientists learn more about the microbiom=
e, the idea of humans as a singular organism is being reconsidered: There i=
s now overwhelming evidence that normal development as well as the maintena=
nce of the organism depend on the microorganisms…

ScienceDailyRSS Mar  7 15:14

Many households can claim at least one four-legg=
ed friend as part of the family. But pets that primarily stay indoors can h=
ave increased rates of diseases, such as diabetes, kidney diseases and hypo=
thyroidism compared with those that stay exclusively outside. Some scientis=
ts propose that chemical substances in the home could contribute to these i=

we hear this from consumers, as well. they are wo=
rried about the impact of “chemical” ingredients on the health of their fam=
ilies and their pets
by Keith Thornley<= /span>

The Straits Times Mar  7 16:55

They found that the bacteria did not show any re=
sistance development even after multiple treatments with the polymer. This =
study was also done in collaboration with the University of North Dakota’s =
School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the First Affiliated Hospital o=
f Zhejiang University’s College …

New ‘biophilic’ buildings use quirky features to bring nature indoors

NBCNews.com Mar=
  8 11:25

In 2016, Sturgeon and like-minded architects, bu=
ilders, and researchers banded together to form the Biophilic Design Initia=
tive to help move the fledgling movement into the mainstream. She and other=
green building experts welcome the tech companies’ new office spaces as hi=
gh-profile examples of …

good look at the “macro” version of bringing natur=
e back into our living and working spaces, with cool tidbits on Google, Ama=
zon, Etsy, etc…
by Keith Thornley

nbsp; 8 15:20

(MENAFN Editorial) DAVIS, Calif., March 7, 2018 =
/PRNewswire/ –Evolve BioSystems today announced new research that connects=
elevated infant fecal pH levels to a profound change in the infant gut mic=
robiome, including the disappearance of a beneficial bacterium that may be =
key to short and …

review of 14 clinical studies from 1926 through 20=
17 shows an increase in fecal pH from 5 to 6.5 – presumably due to decrease=
in gut levels of bifidobacterium and b. infantis
by Keith Thornley

Research & Scientific Updates

American Gut: an Open Platform for Citizen-Science Microbiome Research
<= /div>
bioRxiv Mar&nbs=
p; 8 04:15

Using standardized protocols from the Earth Micr=
obiome Project and sample contributions from over 10,000 citizen-scientists=
, together with an open research network, we compare human microbiome speci=
mens primarily from the USA, UK, and Australia to one another and to enviro=
nmental samples.

link to recent review of “what have we learned so =
far” from the 10,000 American Gut samples
y Keith Thornley

HealingWell.com Mar  4 17:05

cool study which shows limonene disrupts biofilm=
s by by inhibiting bacterial adhesion to surfaces, this would make the bact=
eria much easier to kill /www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26294065. Limonene in=
hibits streptococcal biofilm formation by targeting surface-associated viru=
lence factors. Abstract

microBEnet Mar&=
nbsp; 5 05:00

This summer there is a Gordon Conference (what s=
hould be the first of many) on Microbiology of the Built Environment. The t=
heme of this meeting is Integrating Human Health with Building Microbiomes.=
The Chairs are Jordan Peccia and Jessica Green and it takes place July 15-=
20, 2018 at the …

microBEnet Mar&=
nbsp; 6 04:15

Economic development is marked by dramatic incre=
ases in the incidence of microbiome-associated diseases, such as autoimmune=
diseases and metabolic syndromes, but the lifestyle changes that drive alt=
erations in the human microbiome are not known. We measured market integrat=
ion as a proxy for …

microBEnet Mar&=
nbsp; 6 10:00

One of the goals of forensic science is to ident=
ify individuals and their lifestyle by analyzing the trace signatures left =
behind in built environments. Here, microbiome and metabolomic methods were=
used to see how its occupants used an office and to also gain insights int=
o the lifestyle characteristics such …

a glimpse into the future by Keith Thornley

PR Web Mar&nbsp=
; 6 13:30

Microbiome research is delivering medical advanc=
ements across oncology, dermatology, inflammatory disorders, mental health =
and many related fields, said John Waslif, Managing Director of Arrowhead P=
ublishers. The consumer track at our 4th Annual Translational Microbiome Co=
nference provides …

they’ve added a whole section on “home hygiene” – =
including talks by Novozymes and Chrisal on probiotic cleaning, and panel o=
n the future of “home hygiene” featuring Reckitt, Aunt Fannie’s, and Novozy=
by Keith Thornley

Business Standard Mar  8 08:25

The team included researchers from Bacterial Dis=
covery Laboratory, Centre for Environment, Institute of Science and Technol=
ogy, JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University), Hyderabad and UoH, i=
t added. (This story has not been edited by Business Standard staff and is =
auto-generated from a …

Medical Xpress =
Mar  8 10:20

Urbanization impacts on skin microbiome assembly=
process which may lead to more fragile skin health status. Construction in=
Guangzhou (upper), and X’ian (lower). Credit: Jin Ju Kum and Susun An. A t=
eam of researchers from several institutions in South Korea has found a pos=
sible explanation for …

we’ve already known that rural vs. urban produces =
changes in skin microbiome, this paper suggests that size of the urban cent=
er can also lead to differences
by Keith Th=

Fiber-fermenting bacteria improve health of type 2 diabetes patients

Science Daily M=
ar  8 16:55

… of gut bacteria could eventually become a ma=
jor part of your diet and your treatment," said Liping Zhao, the study=
‘s lead author and a professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Microb=
iology, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers Universi=
ty-New Brunswick. Type 2 diabetes …

ScienceDailyRSS Mar  8 18:01

Bacteria found in the small intestines of mice a=
nd humans can travel to other organs and trigger an autoimmune response, ac=
cording to a new study. The researchers also found that the autoimmune reac=
tion can be suppressed with an antibiotic or vaccine designed to target the=
bacteria, they said.

Startup, Competitor, and Industry Activity

TechCrunch Mar&=
nbsp; 4 08:14

Brandless is an usual company. A direct-to-consu=
mer purveyor of food, beauty, and personal care products, it says that ever=
y item it makes is non-genetically modified, kosher, fair-trade, gluten-fre=
e, often organic and, in the case of cleaning supplies,=C2=A0EPA “Safer Cho=
ice” certified. They are also priced at $3 across the board. The idea, says=
cofounder and CEO Tina Sharkey, is…

interesting new “brand” seeking to democratize “go=
od for you” versions of home care, personal care, and food products – all f=
or $3 each
by Keith Thornley <= /div>

Healio Mar&nbsp=
; 2 10:20

Microbiome company Finch Therapeutics Group anno=
unced that the FDA has issued Fast Track designation to CP101, its oral mic=
robiome capsule in development for recurrent Clostridium difficile infectio=
n. The company also announced it has raised $36 million in Series B financi=
ng to support the …

ZDNet Mar =
 5 14:00

Reid Oakes, senior director of worldwide healthc=
are at HP, said IT gear has been limited to areas in a hospital due to the =
need to sanitize. "The need to clean them with germicidal wipes was li=
miting where IT equipment is actually used inserting a gap between the prov=
ider and the patient," said Oakes.

Interesting Engineering Mar  8 10:00

Oxygene uses the energy generated during photosy=
nthesis to power its electronics which are embedded. This includes onboard =
sensors, an artificial intelligence processing unit, and light strip which =
is customizable in the tire’s sidewall. This strip switches colors, warning=
both road users and pedestrians …

PR Web Mar&nbsp=
; 8 11:00

The balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut=
can have major impacts on your overall health from digestion, immune syste=
m, mood and more. To raise awareness around this vital organ, SimplyBiotix,=
makers of everyday probiotics, is launching National #LoveYourGutDay on Ma=
rch 15, 2018.

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